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The Collaborative Law process creates a cooperative environment where communication can take place, and provides an arena in which the parties can work together to resolve issues.  It is a method in which you and your spouse agree, together with your attorneys, to focus your efforts on civilly dissolving your marriage and dividing your assets without going to court. 

A goal of Collaborative Law is to assure that children are a priority, not a casualty. Therefore, a child specialist is available on the collaborative team to help the children express their concerns throughout the process in what can be a difficult transition in their lives.

Other professionals are included in the process when needed.  A financial consultant to help protect the financial interests of each party and a divorce coach to help you manage the emotional pain and strain of changing relationships, are available to you.

Collaborative Law is based on three principles:

Mutual respect is a fundamental priority in the Collaborative Process.  Your marriage may cease, but you don’t cease being a worthy human being.  When respect is given and received, the discussions move more smoothly and agreements are reached more easily.

Brian Garvey is a certified collaborative law attorney that will guide you through a difficult period in your life.  If you believe Collaborative Law is the better way to your divorce, please call Brian for a private consultation at no charge to learn more.

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